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Dear Ọbanife:Neduewelike2001

Good to have you as an Igbo editor in Wikimedia. Out of the 16 projects in Wikimedia, Igbo language version exists in only one approved project: Wikipedia. The good news is: There is a test project in Wikimedia incubator for Igbo language Wiktionary.

This is a clarion call to you as an Igbo editor to make entries in the Igbo Wiktionary test project. Right now, there are two active contributors in this test project and we need 5 active contributors to get this Language version approved in Wikimedia. This is a great opportunity to make history by providing free, open content dictionary in Igbo language. Also at the long run, it is a step forward to preserve Igbo language in the sands of time. Please visit the Igbo Wiktionary page to make entries of words in Igbo language. In the home page of this test project you will find an infographics to help you make your entries of words. Happy editing!

Asụsụ Igbo amaka!!

Best regards

--Uzoma Ozurumba (talk) 18:55, 6 September 2017 (UTC)